Cellar Door Express - Delivering wine safely to the world.

Brief History of CDX

Cellar Door Express has been founded on the basis of a positive and simple method for tourists and wineries to export wines direct from Cellar Door.

Historically, the freighting of wine has always been fraught with negative issues, and this has been witnessed first hand by the founders during 30+ years of involvement in the Australian Wine Industry. Combining knowledge of International beverage logistics and a hands on involvement in all facets of the wine industry - has culminated in the design of a unique and well thought through service for regional and city based wine exporters. The driver has been to design a service to cater for the need to provide the international wine tourist with a simple to use wine freight system with the ability to purchase wine tax-free at the winery but also a genuine way to increase sales of wines through the cellar door and increase wine exports from Australia.