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Tax Free Benefits

The first and major benefit for you the wine buyer is that you can now purchase wine as a tax free item.

According to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office), you can buy your wine/products totally Tax Free. With wine; this means a whopping 41.9% discount is allowed to be deducted from your standard retail price!

Australian Taxation Office ruling regarding Tax Free purchases is as follows;

A supply of goods is GST-free (and therefore WET exempt also) where the supplier exports them from Australia and the export occurs within the specified time period. The requirement that the supplier is the entity that exports the goods is satisfied where either:
(a) the supplier contracts at the supplier's own expense with an international carrier for the transportation of the goods to a destination outside Australia;
(b) the supplier is responsible for delivering the goods to the operator of a ship or aircraft who, or that, has been engaged by another party to transport those goods to a destination outside Australia.
Reference link: ATO

Nb; You can still purchase wines and take them with you to consolidate as one shipment to CDX at a later stage, but you will only be able to benefit from a reduction of the Wine Equalisation Tax (29%) upon export. CDX can assist you with this and can provide the appropriate Government forms for you to complete for your refund.

ATO ruling regarding ‘wine taken from cellar door’

Australian Taxation Office ruling as follows;

If a tourist has purchased wines and they wish to engage you to export their wines then they may apply for a refund of wine equalisation tax as long as the total WET they have incurred is at least $200.00.
Reference link: ATO

This means that you must consolidate a minimum of AU$700.00 worth of wine to be eligible for this Wine Equalisation Tax discount.